The  eVarsity is a virtual university that offers online education to medical graduates through an interactive medium of education taking leaf from the best practices of distance education from across the Globe. MLCU issues accreditation only to the students in India. Overseas students are not eligible for accreditation

The  eVarsity strives to bring the classroom to the Doctor’s home and clinic.

The  eVarsity brings along the experience and expertise of  Medisys EduTech Pvt. Ltd. in the ‘click and mortar education’. ‘Click and Mortar sessions’ is a new nomenclature derived from the emerging technologies in ICT, viz. getting information at the click of the mouse. It is as opposed to Brick and mortar, which is the typical classroom method of distance education that was prevalent across the globe and is still prevalent in many countries even today.  eVarsity is in the company of distinguished faculty from across the country who have delivered the course predominantly online through the SmarTeach e-Learning platform.