Certificate in Basic Transfusion Medicine Course


Course At A Glance

  • Course: Certificate in Basic Transfusion Medicine Course
  • Total Duration:  5 hours and 18 minutes
  • Medium of instruction: English
  • Fee is Rs 5000 /- ( For Indian  based Drs )
  • Fee is US $ 70  ( For International Drs )

About the Course

Transfusion Medicine is a developing branch in medicine and is no more called BLOOD BANK and is now renamed as Transfusion Medicine.Earlier primary Pathologist would be in charge of Blood Bank.Blood components are stored and distributed in the blood bank and this task is overseen by a specialist in transfusion medicine.(blood transfusion and conservation).The multidisciplinary committees are composed of Transfusion specialists, Transfusion technicians, nurses, clinicians, Lab scientists and the staff from the Hospital management and quality time.

Course Syllabus

  • Basics of Transfusion, Blood Donation
  • Donor Bleeding and Blood group introduction
  • Autologous Blood Donation, Donor to Blood bag relating
  • Therapeutic Apheresis, Blood donation camp
  • Components separation and storage and Blood components
  • Quality control and TTI screening
  • Biological safety precautions and Pre transfusion testing.
  • Cross-matching saline technique and Issuing blood and it’s components.
  • Transfusion management.Neonatal and pediatric transfusion practice.
  • Transfusion reaction management ,Maintenance system.
  • Accreditation of Blood Banks, NABH accreditation.
  • Reporting system, General infection control.
  • Counselling


The objective of this focused learning is to empower, enrich and upgrade general physicians, laboratory medical technicians and nursing personnel (who come from diverse rural to semi-urban backgrounds): with the latest subject material, with clinical expertise and skills, with practice guidelines and procedures; and guidance in TRANSFUSION MEDICINE. (Basic concepts of immunity in relation to blood transfusion, Common blood group of importance, Methods of Blood grouping, Rare blood group like Bombay blood group, Blood donors and their selection, Therapeutic Apheresis, Blood components, Biologic safety precautions, Transfusion Management, safety precautions, Stem cell collection and cellular therapy.)

Course Delivery Format

Taking a leaf from Winston Churchill’s philosophy of “always ready to learn although … not always like being taught”, IMA eVarsity is transforming medical education by garnering learning empowered by the interactive platform of digital technology. IMA eVarsity model of blended education integrates best practices of ‘chalk and board’ with emerging technologies, purporting to make mockery of fragmented medical care, that is the bane of the rising costs of health care today!

The IMAevarsity offers best of the models of blended education through online lectures, with the convenience of self-study at one’s own pace, time and place, complemented by online faculty interactions and clinical exposure through hospital rotations.

A rich learning environment is provided through a Learning Platform with access to:

  • Online lectures delivered by experts in respective fields. The students can view the lecture any number of times using tools to conveniently play/pause, forward/rewind, skip/review, bookmark
  • Included in these lectures are hundreds of text slides, illustrations and appropriate  animations, audios and videos to make concepts easy to understand
  • Facility for the student to bookmark specific segments of a running lecture and ability to add your own notes for later review.


There is a final exam that will be conducted online at the end of the course

Course Fee

  • Fee is Rs 5000  ( For Indian based Drs )
  • Fee is US $ 70  ( For International Drs )

Course Guide


MBBS (Gandhi Medical College),

Diploma in Pathology (Osmania Medical College),

Diploma in Transfusion Medicine (PGI, Chandigarh),

Associate Professor and HOD  of Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences, NTR Blood Bank,

Present Director Blood Bank, BBR Hospital, Balanagar, Hyderabad.

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