Pediatric HIV Infection


Course At A Glance

  • Course: Pediatric HIV Infection
  • Total Duration: 1Hour 01Min
  • Medium of instruction: English
  • Fee is Rs 399/- ( For Indian based Drs )
  • Fee is US $ 6  ( For International Drs)

About the Course

In present times there is an insidious re-emergence of HIV infections. Mother to child transmission is still a major cause of HIV infections in children. Children’s immunity is not yet fully developed and they being young have to live with the infection for the longest period, than any age group or any other mode of transmission. In such a scenario they are the ones destined to face the worst outcomes of the disease. This course concentrates on this and specifically on the preventive aspect of it. .

Course Syllabus

1.AIDS in Childhood
2.Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission

Course Delivery Format

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There is a final exam that will be conducted online at the end of the course

Course Fee

  • Fee is Rs 399/- ( For Indian Drs )
  • Fee is US $ 6  ( For International Drs)

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