Medisys EduTech pvt ltd is a Hyderabad (India) -based company involved in developing ICT-based teaching and learning aids for medical education.

Medisys EduTech Pvt. Ltd. was the Service Provider to the Indian Medical Association College of General Practitioners in IMAeVarsity.

During its initial phase, the focus was on building comprehensive curriculum-based content for undergraduate medical education, comprising lectures by seasoned faculty, supported by animations, illustrations, power-points, assessment-aids etc. Its offerings could be used in an e-library, a digital classroom; or as a students’ learning-aid, on a tablet or pen-drive.

Medisys has been recently working also on case-compilations, faculty workshops, and tutor/demonstrator training programs; and the strategic deployment of telecom.
When integrated with skilling centres, the Company’s products can help surmount endemic faculty- deficits in the third world, at least partially.

We have the framework for a ‘plug-in’ that can make this possibility a reality, and are about to commission at three sites (within medical colleges) outside India.

Amongst other benefits, we anticipate that each college will have consequently increased capacity for additional (new) enrollments by a vast measure. This will have been achieved at budgets that are a minuscule fraction of the capital outlays required in conventional approaches and/or for new colleges.

CME in South Asia had a limited reach and relevance. There was a need to re-imagine Course Design, content development and the overall instruction and assessment approach.  The objective was to lift the knowledge, self-confidence, and impact that a GP could make in public healthcare.

Medisys built a rigorous back-office administration, that not only supported enrollment, query-resolution, commercial transactions and so forth, but also flawlessly handled academic administration including follow-through on assignments, and assessments; and the institutional affiliations and logistics associated with hospital rotations and mentorship programs.

Several new partnerships are on the anvil: they cover hospital chains, medical colleges, pharma companies etc., for collaboratively building new content, and supporting practical training.

The idea of a blended-learning approach, combining many best practices in ICT based offerings with hospital rotations and mentorship initiatives has a compelling logic. It would make CME inexpensive, relevant to the context, and universally accessible.

Obviously, process rigour in course administration, and imagination in the deployment of ICT, are vital. The company’s LMS (Learning Management System) has been adopted to work alongside the back office, to support not only CME but also assessment services, test prep and coaching services, on a relatively stand alone


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